So, this is the reason for all these

"Special Sessions"!


If this is you, in the fight for change in our criminal justice system, don't be dismayed, we're both on the road less traveled by those who want what their not willing to give! Oh, and by the way, you're not alone, God is walking with you every step of the way!!!! Keep walking! Stay Focused! You are the change Louisiana need, they just haven't realized it yet, but they will!

Compromise doesn’t mean you’ve been compromised
Hard lines are often drawn, in many respects, but perhaps most notably in politics, and periodically must (appear) to be willfully and purposely softened as a deliberate tactical strategy to gain and/or reinforce existing strongly held mental, emotional, cultural, and racial positions. The culmination of the 2017 Legislative Session in Louisiana, boasts the passing of a package of compromised criminal justice reforms. The term being widely circulated, with respects to the passing of these criminal justice measures, is “BOLD”! Perhaps the term-“BOLD”-is more of a reflection of how a staunchly conservative legislature, who’s adverse views of criminal justice reform are well documented, managed to garner enough votes to preserve the fragments of the -far from BOLD recommendations of the Louisiana Reinvestment Task Force-which produced TEN bipartisan bills that, in their original form, would have saved the state $305 million dollars and safely reduced the prison population by 13% over the next TEN years, and reinvest $154 million dollars into programs that reduce recidivism and victimization. Given how long Louisiana has over incarcerated its citizens, the highest incarceration rate in the world, these measures could hardly be deemed BOLD! However, one might be inclined to agree, given Louisiana’s grim history and seemingly deliberate indifference towards the rights of the accused, that getting something passed, regardless of how much of these bills were compromised, was better than nothing at this point; especially after having spent an unspecified amount of taxpayers’ money on the yearlong study conducted by the Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Task Force.

The people of Louisiana would be wise not to buy into any such rhetoric which tends to suggest that Louisiana has finally dealt with its infamous title of being the number one incarcerator in the world! A careful review of the bills that passed, and an even closer look at Louisiana’s police department, Department of Corrects, probation and parole, and clemency system, would indicate succinctly just how far off the mark of “BOLD” we actually are. (Conversely, speaking of law enforcement personnel, there’s a psychological diagnosis called the “THE WYATT EARP SYNDROME”, where those professionals involved in law enforcement and in the judicial system feel they have a right and duty to do “whatever it takes” to get criminals off the street. Thus, we find instances of police and prosecutors manufacturing evidence and false testimony [e.g. from “questionable jailhouse informers”] when they (FEAR) a serious criminal might go free, either because they don’t have enough (REAL) evidence to hold them or else because they don’t believe the evidence they do have will be enough to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt. The WYATT EARPS SYNDROME can affect not just police and prosecutors, who openly state that they “PROMISE” victims of violent crimes the accused will never be released, but anyone in a position of authority who believe the end justifies the means when it comes to punishing criminals, believing that they’ve been given power “for a reason” and therefore have the right to put criminals away by any means necessary! Police and Prosecutors know that even if a convicted criminal gets his conviction overturned by a higher court of appeals, the appeals process is likely to take years. Even when discovered manufacturing evidence, prosecutors rarely receive more than a slap on the wrist.)—Dr. HaHa Lung

To be sure, the Louisiana criminal justice system, as a whole, is wrought with wide spread systemic failures which cannot be cured by the passing of a handful of compromised bills. To reinvest any amount of savings in such a system, minus real internal and external reforms, would prove to be counter intuitive, and a complicit choice to masquerade criminal justice reform while continuing the system’s purposed design of boxing up and warehousing human failures and renting and selling this fiat stock at an accruing cost of $775 million dollars annually to the state’s taxpayers. Mark Twain once said, “Get your facts first, then you can distort them how you please.” Perhaps a little-known quote among lay people; but, perhaps, the best modus operandi of the District Attorney and Sheriff’s Association. “Every day we swim in a sea of brainwash, albeit a diluted one. Every time we rally around a flag or logo, or pop a Prozac, or accept a marketing campaign into our lives, we are dancing with the forces of control, or at least with the “consensus” that unconsciously seeks to keep us, for all intents and purposes, dazed and confused!” I believe in my conscience that mankind is wicked enough to continue slaughtering and enslaving one another as long as they can find enough (MONEY) to pay the butchers and the covert operatives of MASS INCARCERATION! BOLD IN DEED…..

P.O.P! Not goes the weasel, or the sound of gun fire! This term, interestingly enough, refers to the prisoners of politics who are being victimized by the inability of lawmakers in Louisiana to balance the budget or pass comprehensive cost saving criminal justice reforms due to Washington style partisanship! The P.O.P we hear in Louisiana, from citizens across the political spectrum, is the loud voice of public consensus for change! After the last two regular sessions and three special sessions; each costing taxpayers $20,000 dollars a day, lawmakers still find themselves grappling over the same issues that have plagued Louisiana's growing debt crisis. With only two weeks left in the 2017 legislative session and no real progress being made with respects to tax reform, Education reform, or criminal justice reforms, House Speaker Taylor Barras says," Special session likely as fiscal cliff looms." It's apparent that lawmakers have reached an impasse on all the major revenue generating bills presented in this session. That being the case, what's the point in having another special session, with the same body of lawmakers, at the expense of $20,000 dollars a day to the taxpayers of Louisiana? Why would any rational group of people or citizens pay for something that's obviously not working? P.O.P!!!! That's the reverberation of sound reasoning going off in the heads of citizens who are feed up with this group of lawmakers who aren't able to set aside their political differences and work for the best interest of the people of Louisiana! No sane employer pays an employee top dollar to merely show up for work! That's the real definition of insanity! Who doesn't realize, by now, that what we've been doing with respects to crime and punishment, law and order, and health and education doesn't work? Louisiana lawmakers, we believe, are well aware of those facts, but are proving daily to be incapable of moving Louisiana forward. I'm unsure what type of social calculus it would require to break the political gridlock in our current legislature, but for taxpayers and citizens of Louisiana this equation is best solved at the voting polls! #louisianavotesforchange

Being the #1 incarcerator of rehabilitated citizens isn't smart on crime! Its actually fiscally irresponsible....



The message of HOPE and consideration for rehabilitated lifers in Louisiana must remain one of our most important goals in Louisiana criminal justice reform!

Dear fellow citizens and H.O.P.E. Foundation supporters,

With this session coming to a close on June 8, 2017, and the great probability of there being yet another special session, the hope foundation felt it very important to emphasize just how important it is for everyone to remain focused on our ultimate goal, which is comprehensive cost effective criminal justice reform in Louisiana! Many, we're sure, are very disappointed in how things took a turn in the late innings after the DAs and sheriffs levied their full weight and political muscle in this process. However, we submit to everyone who read this message, we must stay the course and let our definite chief aim keep us motivated and driven by love, compassion, tolerance, and truth; but never fear! Our eyes must stay trained on the prize, no matter the rancor and ruckus of the ugly process! If change is truly what we, the people, seek, then we must all resign ourselves to this one uncompromised conclusion: "whatever it takes, it takes!" We will not retreat back into a silent and invisible state of obscurity, nor will we surrender the ground we have claimed! We now, more than ever, understand perfectly well that power concedes nothing without a clear demand! Our demand for "Change" isn't about wins or losses for any organization, group, or party! This demand for "Change" is simply about the true health, wealth, and safety of the people of Louisiana! H.O.P.E. Stands for (helping other people evolve). By definition, this foundation was built on the selfless principle of the cross! We know with certainty, that the darkest hour is just before the dawn! Please, be encouraged! Don't let the loud noise and dark clouds fool you into thinking the fight is over! Even if you can't see it; or simply refuse to believe it, the sun is shining! Wherefore I beseech you my brothers and sisters, bound and free, to be of good cheer; for the God "We" serve is clearly moving on our behalf! No more wandering! No more doubting! Change is just over the horizon! We must bear our cross daily and fight the good fight of faith! God will be the judge of those who choose to continue standing in the way of change, and truth will be their accuser! We Are Hope! See More

We must all learn the true value of life, and how best to form purposeful unions to advance equality and just measures for every human being in our state. Resources and unity seem to be difficult to come by in Louisiana, as is evidenced by the need for Governor Edwards to call for another special session! What really divides us so sharply? Is it our political views? Is it our inability to solve our most important state affairs? Is it our spending habits? Is it our culture? Is it our policies? Or is it our people? Rather it's one or a combination of those things, we, as a whole, must find real common ground to stand on, where smart choices take precedence over party, politics, and the way we've done things for decades in Louisiana! If not, then no amount of regular or special sessions will close the debt hole and lead to better policy choices now or in the future! Study after study points to our exact location and what (Must) be done to turn things around. However, no one wants to take the leap of faith and lead the charge for real reforms in our state. As we continue to sink farther and farther down the slippery slope of political gridlock, it's going to be pointless to point fingers at any person or party! And, political cover isn't going to overshadow all the missed opportunities we had to stop the bleeding. We, the people, must stand up and demand much better from our elected officials! We should not be in this position. We are better than this! We are not hopelessly doomed to live with poor laws, schools, healthcare, infrastructure, and the highest incarceration rate in the world! Truth must be told! Truth must be faced! Truth is our way forward! The truth is, many of us are complaining, but not actively fighting for change! We want what we are unwilling to give! Change starts with you! #Differencemakersoflouisiana

From soldier to shameful compromiser

Our Governor, John Bel Edwards, owe the people of Louisiana an apology. His many campaign promises have proven to be filled with more fluff than fight! The lone state wide elected democrat has succumbed to the growing budgetary problems and political pressure of powerful lobbying groups, who seem to be in far more control over the legislature than our Governor! Politics and secret order aside, the people of Louisiana trusted and believed Governor Edwards was cut from a much different cloth, even with the very strong family ties to one of the largest special interests groups in Louisiana, the Sheriffs Association! However, it is axiomatic that everyone has a breaking point, but no one, especially reform groups across the political spectrum, saw this so called "great compromise" coming! What is now being called a political win in criminal justice by many, is nothing more than a cover story for the utter failure of state government at the expense of taxpayers! How do you propose to reinvest $168 million dollars back into a system that's not structurally designed to produce the resources on the front end or the back end? While the language of reinvesting large sums of money back into a wayward outdated criminal justice system sounds ideal, what we must truly consider is those in charge and their history with being fiscally responsible. The fact of the matter is, we have legislators and other elected officials who's allegiance is proven to be with the status quo, not the people! The people of Louisiana invested much more than they should have on the Reinvestment Task Force. The way in which the taxpayers of Louisiana were treated by Governor Edwards and the legislators, as a result of the lobbying force of the District Attorney's Association and Sheriffs Association, is down right shameful and must be reported as such. When compromise devalues the essence of a goal or intended purpose, that compromise does more harm than good! When a compromise scratches the surface of your core problem and wastes millions of dollars, you simply don't have to throw away, that's not progress, that's theft! Governor Edwards commissioned the Louisiana Reinvestment Task Force to be bold in their ideas for criminal justice reforms. The recommendations were bold considering the punitive mindsets and the unwillingness of politicians to jeopardize their standings and reelection votes. However, the recommendations fell far below the national standings of reforms, even in conservative southern states. Now, with a little more than two weeks left in the session, and none of the compromised bills making any major progress, it's very unlikely that any significant changes will be realized from the time and resources that were invested by a host of Louisiana's citizens! I guess insanity lives on in Louisiana! Governor Edwards knew exactly who he was dealing with! Play nice with the devil and you get robbed every time! You should have stood your ground Governor Edwards, that would have been the true definition of "Bold" for us! See More

We need only pay close attention to how elected officials and many citizens are reacting to the removal of the confederate monuments in New Orleans to realize just how much slavery is very much alive and well in the hearts and souls of the power structure of Louisiana!
But, be all of you who think enslaving people of color is a just act forewarned, you are going to reap what you have sown!!!!! How do you tell people to get over something that has never truly come to an end? #nevergettingoverit!

The real reason criminal justice reform and tax reform isn't being realized in Louisiana!!!! Every concerned citizen and taxpayer should be demanding the answer to this question: Who exactly are the hidden faces receiving all that money??? Here's the truth behind all the power the DAs, Sheriffs, and victim rights group have over our legislators! What a shame!

We deserve better! Therefore, we must demand better from our (Elected) officials! The H.O.P.E. Foundation is the proud sponsor of this message!

When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders! When the concerns of an entire state are your constant reminders! When a tough decision has to be made that renews the pain and suffering of those who are grief stricken! When the right thing is the most unpopular thing amongst family, friends, and constituents! When compromise leads to the same results or make matters worse! When that decision goes against your personal views and fundamental belief system! When there's no way to pass the buck or delay the inevitable! When the demand for truth, justice, and change can no longer be avoided!

Note to Governor John Bel Edwards: You were made for this moment! To truly put Louisiana first, you must serve your state with a steady hand, a humble spirit, and an eager willingness to make the tough decisions that other state leaders don't have the courage to do.... You have our support!

The H.O.P.E. Foundation is the proud sponsor of this message!

In every crisis, there's a message! Crises are nature's way of forcing change, breaking down old structures, shaking loose those negative habits so that something better can take their place! The H.O.P.E. Foundation encourages every citizen of Louisiana to stand tall for change!!!

This is what the creative mindset of man looks like when he has lost sight of his humanity and the humanity of others!!!

To all descent members of our society, please, don't ignore that tap on the shoulder; it's your call to active duty! Our state is in a very real crisis!

This case may be old, but the practice of lawlessness for lawmen renews itself every day in our country! There's oversight in every business! So, tell me, who's policing the police and district attorneys? The law and "Chains" of command are forever tied to the people, but not the criminal acts of rouge cops and conviction counting DAs!Good Morning Louisiana, this is your wake up call! Don't turn this "Alarm" off until you are fully awake and ready to stand up for truth and justice in our criminal justice system!

The H.O.P.E. Foundation is the proud sponsor of this very important message.....

Someone was hurt before us; wronged before us; hungry before us; frightened before us; beaten before us; imprisoned before us; humiliated before us; yet someone survives!!!!!!

We were once victims, but now survivors! We were once bound in our fear, grief, and pain, but now free! We chose love over hate, justice over injustice, and forgiveness over holding an entire state hostage because of unforgiveness !

We are the proud survivors of the H.O.P.E. Foundation! We are honored to be examples and inspirations of true faith, love, and redemption! We welcome anyone to join us and become apart of the life changing goals of our foundation!

We R Hope!

The race for change in Louisiana's criminal justice system, in this years legislative session, is almost over. How can we truly experience the kinds of changes we hope to see if we don't properly water and feed our horse? It's not that the other three horses in this race are bred better than our horse, but they all have been better fed! Sadly, we have helped feed those horses, while starving the ...only horse we have in the race, ourselves! Even though she's a thoroughbred with a big heart, she has to be properly fed and maintained if we expect Lady Hope to ever win this derby! We must practice group economics and group politics; it's the only way we will ever level the playing field and bring true reform to Louisiana's criminal justice system! A dollar to our cause is better than a speech filled with strong opposition against the other three horses! We must champion our own cause for change in Louisiana! We clearly see how well those horses are eating, no matter how deep our state is in debt! We may not be able to stop those horses from running in this race against change, but we can stop feeding them and treat our own horse much better! It's not over! We can change the outcome of this race today! The odds are a 100-1 against Lady Hope, but we can make the difference and help her win!

When good people standby and say nothing or do nothing, evil triumphs! Join the cause of changing Louisiana's unjust justice system! Your donation, in any amount, is needed and appreciated! To donate log on to!

I committed a crime! I paid my debt to society!
While I was paying that debt, I took the liberty of getting a marketable skills trade and getting all the rehabilitation assessment programming available. I've changed! I'm ready to work and make a positive difference in my community! But, Louisiana's criminal justice system thought it best to give me a lifetime to waste $ 24,000+ dollars of tax money a year! With a more than $300 million dollar budget deficit, you'd think Louisiana would finally see the real value in reforming its prison system and releasing rehabilitated citizens! With the constant cuts to Education, it's no wonder why it's so difficult for Louisiana to be "Smart On Crime"!

Join the H.O.P.E. Foundation as we push for data driven, cost effective, fiscally responsible, safe changes to our outdated, economic disastrous, inhumane, criminal justice system in this legislative session! See More

Wait!!!!! Before you flush anymore of your disposable income on Securus, Jpay, club accounts, rodeo, or any other financial drain of our "Corrections System", there's a better way to get a return on your investment! The H.O.P.E. Foundation was intentionally created and designed to care for and meet the needs of people who are most impacted by life circumstances and the redemptive work of those who are or was formally incarcerated! We need your help to help other people evolve! It takes lives to save lives! Donate today by logging on to! Countless of men, women, and children are waiting on us to make a difference! Your donation, in any amount, will make a difference! Thank you for your selfless act of kindness! See More

Congratulations!!!!!! You finally found the love of your life who's serving life in Louisiana! Before you double down on your plans to live happily ever after with your loved one; you should know that our criminal justice system is severely broken; and that we spend $700 million dollars of tax payers money annually to keep that broken system in place! The time to act is now! Call your legislators and representatives and demand that they support and vote for the task force findings as is!

The H.O.P.E. Foundation is the proud sponsor of this message. Donate to change our broken criminal justice system by logging on to! Every donation counts, no matter how big or small! Let's invest in a brighter and freer Louisiana, not the same old ball and chains that are being used to bound our citizens for life!


Whenever we find ourselves in any position of authority, rather legal or otherwise, and our responsibility exceeds our own personal views and rights, we should never allow our human tendency to side with those who have experienced a painful event to cause us to use unethical practices and/ or promises as a sympathetic tunicate to stop the pain of a bleeding heart. The usual cost of keeping any such promises can only be realized by a clear violation of ones legal authority and/ or oath of office! Many district attorneys of Louisiana, who are elected officials and bound by a strict code of ethics, openly admit to making promises to victims that the individual or people responsible for their pain will never get out of prison! While this sort of behavior is knowingly unethical, it has become an every day part of our culture and daily routine in the Louisiana criminal justice system.
What has become, over time, a normal occurrence has resulted in a criminal justice system were reformers and victims are unable to strike meaningful compromises that renders satisfactory punishment and reintegration due to the deliberate indifference of many of our elected officials to respect and carry out their oath of office. This behavior, in truth, has unjustifiably pitted victims against victims in this state. When elected leaders allow their personal feelings to cloud there better judgement and/or a personal experience to cause them to rule and make decisions out of fear and pain, we all end up the victims of a broken system by way of broken people!

What now? I'm sure that's one of the many questions many of you have with respects to the "Promises" that were made by Governor Edwards to move Louisiana forward and bring an end to Louisiana being the number one incarcerator in the world! Well, to be sure, the answer to that question rest heavily upon the conscious and emotionally grounded people of Louisiana; who are ready to take a step out of the shadows and become politically active! Clearly the problems we face are much too big for our Governor, legislature, District Attorney's Association, Sheriffs Association, and Victims Rights Organization. So, we, the people, from all walks of life, regardless of political or religious affiliation, must stand up and hold ourselves and elected officials accountable for the much needed reforms we seek to our criminal justice system. Which is why we can not afford to let anger and disappointment cloud our better judgement. If we want to find fault and blame anyone for how we became the nations leader in incarceration, we need look no further than ourselves! We are where we are! We have a clear vision of where we should be! We R Hope!

Join the committed citizens of the H.O.P.E. Foundation as we welcome "All" people across Louisiana to help us Help Other People Evolve in every aspect of their lives and the way in which we value "All" of our citizens, both incarcerated and free! See More


In a room there were four candles burning. The ambiance was so soft you could hear them talking.
The first one said, “I am PEACE, however nobody can keep me lit. I believe I will go out.”
It’s flame rapidly diminishes and goes out completely....
The second one says, “I am FAITH. Most of all I am no longer indispensable, so it does not make any sense that I stay lit any longer.”
When it finished talking a breeze softly blew on it putting it out.
Sadly, the third candle spoke in its turn. “I am LOVE. I have not gotten the strength to stay lit. People put me aside and don’t understand my importance. They even forget to love those who are nearest to them.” And waiting no longer it goes out.
Suddenly a child entered the room and saw three candles not burning. “Why are you not burning you are supposed to stay lit till the end.”
Saying this the child began to cry. Then the fourth candle said, “Don’t be afraid, while I am still burning we can re-light the other candles, I am HOPE.”
With shining eyes, the child took the candle of Hope and lit the other candles.
The flame of Hope should never go out from our life and that each of us can maintain HOPE, FAITH, PEACE and LOVE.
Author Unknown

Hope never abandons you. You abandon hope. Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.

Louisiana is not the land
Of the free, or home of
The Brave!!!!

Who's next? The usual suspects have all joined the propaganda party bearing similar gifts of scary tales and false narratives about criminal justice reform and the imminent release of "Violent Offenders"! How nice of our Attorney General, Jeff Landry, to join the party wearing the exact same mental clothing as Pete Adams, Mike Ranatza, Bo Duhe, Gene Mills, Hiler Moore, Leon Cannizaro, and all the elected defenders of the status quo. So, who's going to be next to expose their fundamental belief in slavery and putting human beings to death by Incarceration? News flash! We, the people, are paying very close attention to the atrocious way in which all of you are trying to undermine the bipartisan year long study of the Louisiana Reinvestment Task Force. These ritual forms of drawing sympathetic support from victims and uninformed citizens in order to maintain broad use of an outdated criminal code of procedure, is on full display! People are watching very closely, but not for the reasons you fear mongers think. A quick recap of recent elections in Louisiana sheds a very bright light on what direction the people think this state should be headed in! David Vitter doubled down on the status quo in an effort to steal the race for Governor from John Bel Edwards. After releasing several ads aimed at his Conservative party goers and the people most impacted by crime in their communities, he suffered a bruising defeat! David Vitter simply didn't believe real "CHANGE" was happening in the state of Louisiana! Not long there after, Bodie White would succumb to the same experience of "CHANGE"! It really doesn't matter who's next to reveal their unconditional loyalty to the status quo. The people of Louisiana are no longer willing to pay for your private parties of destruction and unmerited hatred towards rehabilitated citizens. Some things really do get old and must be done away with, regardless of how well they served you in the past. The people of Louisiana are obviously not afraid of rehabilitated citizens. Many of these so-called "Violent Offenders" have been released by way of the clemency process; and none of them have reoffended. So, what's the difference between a "Violent Offender" being released through the clemency process, unchallenged by the DA's and Sheriffs, and parole consideration after spending decades in prison? It doesn't require a new social calculus to answer that question. However, we all do well to be very afraid of elected officials who go above and beyond the call of duty to promote lies and political ideologies that keep the machinery of racism and bigotry alive and well in Louisiana! Rather than spending time criticizing the Governor's every decision, Mr. Landry should be helping governor Edwards usher in the much needed changes to our criminal justice system; giving how often we punish the wrong people for crimes they didn't commit! If everything Jeff Landry has done so far to challenge the broad range of reforms being pushed by the Governor is any indication of his desire to be Louisiana's next Governor, he should know by writing the article in Friday's advocate, he has already lost the election! We won't be forgetting this any time soon Mr. Landry! Like it or not; we, the people, are voting and pushing for "CHANGE", not a different face with the same old mindset of mass incarceration, regardless of the total cost to the well being of our citizens! This serves as a PSA to all protectors and benefactors of the status quo! The party is over!!!!!


In any truly healthy society it's important that people in authority, especially the media, exercise due diligence in separating facts from fiction. When elected officials use alternative truths, and scare tactics based off old scary movies to stay in power and keep citizens trapped in a perpetual state of fear, something has to be done to put an end to this very cheap method of governing. People of Louisiana, the myth that these fictional monsters are housed in prisons all over Louisiana, is simply false advertisement by District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and some legislators who are profiting handsomely off of these ancient scare tactics! Here's an interesting fact: Many of these people have never set foot in any of the prisons in Louisiana, yet they want you to believe that monster live there rather than decent rehabilitated human beings!

The Louisiana reinvestment task force did not spend more than a year searching for ways to release monsters! The people of Louisiana safety was the chief concern in every step made to reform our criminal justice system. However, the District Attorney's Association would have you believe it's a big mistake to "Consider" some offenders who have been charged and convicted of a violent crime(s). Even the way in which this class of offenders are referenced is highly prejudicial! Being charged for a violent offense according to "LAW", doesn't inherently make any person violent for life! So, the idea that the task force’s recommendations would release hundreds of "Violent Offenders" is patently false and should be reported as such by every responsible citizen of Louisiana! We, as a state, have suffered senseless loss of unspeakable amounts of tax dollars from buying into the punitive myth that locking our citizens up and throwing away the key would make us safer and more prosperous! This myth, created and sponsored by the Sheriffs and District Attorneys of Louisiana, has been proven to be a bald face lie! We are not safer and more prosperous as a result of years of throwing people in prison, cutting healthcare, education, and failing to put a stop to so called "Powerful" groups who earn their keep at the behest of the people of Louisiana! Pete Adams, the lobbying force of the district attorney’s association, has been a part of the economic drain in Louisiana for years! It's time to serve him and other elected or appointed officials notice that the day of employing scare tactics to hold Louisiana hostage to a long history of draconian law and order policies is over! Changed lives truly do matter! Many prisoners have changed their lives and no longer pose any harm to society! This fact is clearly recognized in the task force’s recommendations. The Sheriffs and District Attorneys should be encouraged to change their lives, and lies as well!

When elected officials try to silence our voices in this manner, you know it's time for change! Every news article succinctly describes the Sheriff and District Attorney Associations as powerful! The question is, what makes them so powerful that they are no longer obliged to listen to tax payers and voters? Why do our legislators give over reaching discretion to the Sheriffs and District Attorney's? More importantly, how does the District Attorney's Association get to amend any proposed law? This clearly crosses the line!

Join the H.O.P.E. Foundation as we raise awareness and resources to level the playing field and get straight answers from our elected officials! This shouldn't be happening in Louisiana or any other state!

We are building our war chest to combat the unbridled and unlawful authority of the District Attorney's Association. Log on now to, click on the donate icon and help us fight against the deliberate attempt to destroy prison reform in this legislative session!

Hope should never be overshadowed by fear or false ideals and persuasive rhetoric! Terrorism comes in many shapes and forms! Louisiana needs H.O.P.E., not District Attorney's who perpetrates false hope to victims in an effort to hold an entire state hostage and bound in chains of debt, despair, and fear of rehabilitated citizens!

The H.O.P.E. Foundation is raising awareness and resources to put an end to the senseless acts of stealing hope from the true believers that "CHANGE" is needed in our criminal justice system!
To express your desire to support "CHANGE" log onto www. and click on the donate icon. Your contribution to this very important cause is needed!

The monopoly game of mass incarceration in Louisiana is costing taxpayers billions of dollars, and victimizing the guilty and the innocent people of Louisiana! Our Governor is listening! So should every elected official, appointed official, and citizen of Louisiana! It's time for (Mandatory Changes) Instead of (Mandatory Life Sentences!)

The old adage, " Old Habits Die Hard", proves to be an enduring reality for every aspect of the governing body of Louisiana. Rather it concerns being the number one incarcerator in the world, worse in Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, and Quality of life, Louisiana leaders remain clueless of the most important part of the Preamble, which states in pertinent part: We the people in order to form a more perfect union, established justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States Of America! The passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 in 2009, which granted state sovereignty to the state of Louisiana, was thought to enhance this more "Perfect Union ", but in truth provided a more modern makeover to mask the hidden identities of the individuals and their nefarious offspring who are all direct descendants and inheritors of the fruit of the poisonous tree! True reform in Louisiana can't begin at ground level in any respect. The ousting of Governor Edwin Edwards, Congressmen William Jefferson, Warden Burl Cain, District Attorney Walter Reid, Mayor Ray Nagin, Mayor Maurice Brown, Mayor Eddie Price III, City Councilman Robert Stevens, City Councilman Oliver Thomas, Parish President Lester Millet, District Judge Ronald Bodenheimer, and Col. Mike Edmonson is merely the act of trimming a few of the limbs off of the poisonous tree without causing "Any Harm" to the tree itself! If we, the most impacted citizens of Louisiana, are to experience real reform, we must direct our focus and energy towards the tree, not the limbs! The lifeblood and legacy of the status quo rests, rules, and abides in the "ROOT" of the poisonous tree. It's time for, We, The People, to dig it up! For even during our most difficult period in American History, there was a mechanism of release for those in captivity, albeit under some of the most vial and inhumane practices of legal order. One would imagine after more than 300 years we the people would have formed more perfect unions and laws! However, instead of moving forward as a people and a state, Louisiana has remained the outlier in crime, corruption, and punishment of its most vulnerable citizens! We call reform ending the death penalty, while District Attorney's like Pete Adams use political ties, victims, misleading statistics, and mass media airing of violent crimes to fight tooth and nail to maintain Mandatory Life Sentences! The perception of being smart on crime while protecting and maintaining the status quo seems to be how this legislative cycle is going to start and end!

If you expect more and want more from our legislators with respects to criminal justice reform, join the H.O.P.E. Foundation for a day at the Capitol on April 20th 2017. For more information on registration, transportation, and the agenda for the day, log onto The time to get involved is NOW!!!!! See More