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On Wednesday (most likely), the state Senate will vote on Senator Claitor’s bill (SB 16) regarding juvenile life without parole. We do not support the bill in its current form because it does not eliminate LWOP for 1st degree murder going forward, and sets parole eligibility at 30 years.

We do support amendments that would eliminate JLWOP in all cases going forward and set parole eligibility at 15 to 25 years: 15 for “virtual life” sentences, 20 for non-homicide life sentences, and 25 for homicide life sentences.

Senators need to hear that this is the only solution that will bring Louisiana into line with the Supreme Court once and for all. To that end, please:

1. Use this form to easily contact your senator. http://www.laccr.org/youth-justice/take-action/
2. Encourage people in your networks to contact their senators.

The more people we have calling for change the more likely we will be to see it! Please let me know if you have any questions or need help spreading the word.

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